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The Elvish Knight. (Child Ballad 4)

  A knight came out of the fairy land With the gold and the grey and the green-i-o And he’s asked a lady for her hand As the willow grows in the dene-i-o First go and fetch me your father’s chest With the gold and the grey and the green-i-o And then put on your […]

The Ballad of the Loyalist

I’ve a couple of reasons for posting the poem below. Firstly I’m continuing to let today’s readers get to know my older writing. Secondly I’ve recently been discussing alternative views of history, in particular the imperative to strip away the gilding that patriotism has put on certain things. In 2008 I was invited to contribute […]

The Two Magicians (Child 44)

I have returned, once again, to the Child Ballads. This is my reworking of the song we know in Scotland as ‘The Twa Magicians’; it concerns a woman whose virginity is tried by a persistent suitor, the magical lengths to which she will go to preserve it, and the magical lengths to which he will […]

Poor Susie Dean

Child Ballad 65: I love playing with themes of traditional ballads. This is an imagined Appalachian or Bluegrass version of a song we know in Dundee as ‘Bonnie Susie Cleland’. It has hints of miscegenation and infanticide in it (in the Scottish version the eponymous Susie falls for an Englishman). Susie Dean and Billy Blue […]