Dundee Literary Festival 2011

Last week saw Dundee Literary Festival up here in Scotland. The opening session consisted of an hour or so of ‘open mic’ readings and discussions. Thanks to my agent, the readings included two of my more recent poems and a passage from my novel Lupa. I managed to get to some of the other events during the festival myself, and was glad to see one of my favourite writers of ‘many a true word spoken in jest’ poetry, Eddie Gibbons, give a recital.

Readers of this blog might be wondering why there has been no news of my having published anything for quite some time. Well, I suppose the reason is that I haven’t actually submitted anything for publication for quite some time – it’s as simple as that. I am working on several things, but I have to admit that often when I announce or decide on a project that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to amount to anything. Basically I never know until I try. Some projects are destined to lead nowhere and to sit in abeyance. Other projects may be finished or nearly finished but are waiting for… hmm… let’s say factors beyond my control. Rest assured, as soon as I have news, you’ll have news.