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Tantalising glimpses…

… of some of the illustrations…

glimpse 1

… contained in the sonnet anthology…

glimpse 2

The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

glimpse 3

… due to be published later this year.

I have a number of sonnets in the anthology, and have been working as part of the editorial team since this project was started by Describe Adonis Press, Canada. You may be curious as to how someone could with fairness both edit and contribute; the answer is that poems by members of the editorial team were subject to the same anonymous selection process as poems by other contributors. The result will be a fine anthology, I believe, containing poetry by some of the new century’s most interesting practitioners in the form. The web page for the anthology is here, and will be up-dated with publication news as and when it is available.

Readers who know my recent work will know that I seldom write formal poetry these days. However, I generally ignore the ‘Chinese walls’ between the various modes, school, whatevers of poetry. That’s just my way…

News from ‘Winter Words’

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© Bookseeker Agency

Deep winter in the Highlands of Scotland, with a foot of snow gradually starting to thaw as our changeable weather takes another swing. In the town of Pitlochry, at their famous Festival Theatre, the annual Winter Words literary festival is under way. I have just heard that my poem ‘Beatrice the rat tells Mr. Coelacanth about the Wisecrack city elves’ (from my soon-to-be-published collection I am not a fish) was premiered at their ‘Poetry Please’ event. Also I am once again amongst the winners of their ‘Fearie Tales’ competition for tales of the supernatural, and my ghost story ‘On the Platform’ will be read out during the final weekend of the festival. There are plenty of other interesting events at the festival too. Can you make it?