Imagine a wall…

by Marie Marshall

Today I was pondering the famous ‘three light switches’ conundrum when I remembered another one. It had been posed to me by a fellow writer – even so it wasn’t of her devising, it had been posed to her by someone else who had been amazed at how quickly she had come up with an answer. Instantly. I wondered what you would make of it. Shall we see?

Imagine a wall made of hard, smooth blocks of stone. It’s so high you can’t see the top. It’s so wide that no matter how far back you step you can’t see where it ends, if indeed it ends at all. A wall so mighty must have foundations almost as deep as it is tall, so it can’t be undermined. It is, as near as makes no difference, a wall of infinite dimensions! How do you get to the other side?

If you think you can guess the answer my friend gave, then tweet me @MairibheagM. Yes, her answer was so simple it can easily be contained in a tweet. If you don’t have a Twitter account, then you can get in touch via the email address on my ‘Contact’ page. I’ll publish the answer in a week’s time.