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Eru opt köld kvenna ráð – This is where I try to post a short burst of poetry once a day. Sometimes I miss the target and have to post two poems on the following day, but it averages out. The reason I do this is to keep my writing sharp, to discipline myself in the practice of precise expression, to keep on an upward learning-curve, all in the hope of writing better and better poetry and prose.

I am Deputy Editor for the sonnet anthology The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, a production of Describe Adonis Press in Canada. Planned publication date for volume 1, Sonnets in English, is some time in June 2013.

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Lithopoesis – an archive of the ‘block poetry’ I was writing in early 2010.

You can buy a brief collection of short stories, Mercury Silver, in which I have two, either as a Kindle download from Amazon or direct from P’kaboo Publishers. If you would like to read some of my other short fiction you can find several stories here.

the zen space is a site I maintain, as editor, as a quarterly showcase (an e-zine in effect) for haiku and related writing.

I even have a poster and wallpapers you can download.