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Gang time.


Today’s task is reading through the screen-writer’s work so far. Slowly but surely, he has been turning my short story Axe into a screenplay – we’re looking at small or large screen! I have expanded the plot beyond that of the short story, giving a back-story to a couple of the characters, suggesting an overall resolution, and the writer has been working on that, giving it precedence over the main narrative. Some marvellous work has been done so far, the script is actional and attention-grabbing, there’s so much movement to it, and I think the finished product will be great. Watch this space.


Script-writer wanted!

After some discussion, my agent and I have decided to propose that my story ‘Axe’ (see previous post) be turned into a TV drama. So, my agent is currently scouting round the TV production companies in the UK looking for those with good drama credentials. We’re also on the look-out for a script-writer who can get the Glasgow and Caribbean-British register right, ‘see’ what was ‘playing in my head’ as I wrote it, and be creative with the para-dialogue – by which I mean the dialogue implied by the descriptions and expressions of emotion in the story, rather than the actual conversation I have written.

Is that you? If you think you could do, then get in touch with my agent. Go to and take it from there.