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A good review at

NewChickHeader is a review site mainly dedicated to reviewing literature by and for women readers. It also has a thriving ‘Young Adult’ section, where it has featured my previous YA novel The Everywhen Angels, and has now featured From My Cold, Undead Hand. Reviewer Nikki Mason called it ‘a great adventure book’, and appreciated the fact that the vampires are ‘unequivocally the bad guys’. Drop in at the site and check out the review. Many thanks, Nikki.

By the way, this is what has to say about Nikki:



I am interviewed by Janni Styles

Janni Styles is a Canadian writer and blogger, whose new collection of short stories, One Part Good, was published recently. She did me the courtesy and favour recently of interviewing me, asking me some rather interesting questions about From My Cold, Undead Hand, and about myself and my writing in general. You can read the interview here. In fact, please do…

‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’ now available at Amazon!

jpegYes! I’ve just been up-dating the page on this site for From My Cold, Undead Hand to take account of the availability of the novel worldwide in more formats. You can still get it in ePub format direct from the publisher from their site, and with it some extra text and an audio file. But now it’s additionally available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. So, if you’re choosy about  your format you are now spoilt for choice! I will give you more news about its availability via bookshops as and when I have it. Why not follow me on Twitter @MairibheagM and keep up with my news in brief!

A big thank-you from me to P’kaboo, my publisher, for all their effort and support, and also to my trusty agent.

Publication tomorrow!

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“… The fog is still yellow and thick. I can see maybe twenty yards either way. The house across the street is a vague oblong, the parallel lines of the sidewalk fade into the general gloom. There’s a thickening, a kind of shift in the fog, like it’s swirling, like it’s trying to contain more than it actually can. And there’s a smell in the air I don’t like. Downhill there are man-size shapes forming in the fog, figures walking towards us – three, maybe four. I look back uphill – figures there too, and a couple across the road. The house door creaks, and there’s another figure standing in the doorway. Maybe a dozen of these figures are slowly closing in on us. I grip the broken chair leg as E.J. moves round me and we stand back-to-back…”

Just how excited can an author get about nearing publication? Do all the big ‘names’ feel as cool as they look? Do they think “Well, there goes another one”, and wait for the offers of interviews from the Times Literary Supplement and the BBC to roll in? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that I am excited about getting novel No.3 published as I was about getting No.1 out there. I have only twenty-four hours to wait – tomorrow is the big day!

Just how many kinds of vampire are there?


Big ones, little ones, new ones, centuries-old ones, perhaps ones that have had extensive orthodontic work, and perhaps even ones who have a secret that is kept until the sequel. Yes, there will be a sequel to From My Cold, Undead Hand! More about that later – much, much later – but right now all eyes are on the 15th of September, which is publication date! That’s when you’ll be able to get your teeth into it…

The book will first be available in e-book format direct from P’kaboo Publishers. Shortly after that it will be available via Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. However, if you want some bonus extras, in the form of extracts in text and audio of the ‘diary’ of one of the characters, then the e-book direct from the publishers is the way to go. You can even pre-order to make sure!

As you can imagine, I am very excited about having my third novel published. It is, in a way, also a ‘first’, being the first one I have written as a commission from a publisher, my first venture into the genre of teen-vampire fiction, and the first of a planned trilogy. If you would like to know about it, click here to find my answers to questions about it when I was interviewed recently.

If you have any questions about it yourself, please contact me and let me know.


Read the first chapter of ‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’!

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Click on the illustration above to be taken to the publisher’s page for From My Cold, Undead Hand. Once you’re there, click on the cover illustration there and you can read the whole of the first chapter as a preview to the novel!

Download my free ‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’ wallpapers

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Make the most of your desktop with these cool, noir wallpapers, and help me celebrate the publication of my first teen-vampire novella. There is a lot of empty space so that your icons don’t appear as ‘clutter’. Choose glacier white or nightwalker black – just click on a thumbnail below and a full-size image will open…

The artwork is © Millie Ho; permission is not granted for use other than as a desktop wallpaper.

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Pre-order ‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’!

News just in!

FMCUH pre-order

‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’ – Publication date!

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I’m pleased to announce that From My Cold, Undead Hand, the first of a planned trilogy of teen-vampire novels, will be published in e-book form on 15th September! Don’t go looking for it just yet, as the plan also involves some free extras for pre-orders and/or early purchases – more news about that when I have it. I will also keep you informed as and when it becomes available at Amazon or elsewhere.

There are some preview opinions of From My Cold, Undead Hand here. If you’re on Twitter, you can keep up with the news by following @ColdUndeadHand.

Gothic madness in a crypt in Finland!

Chevonne Kusnetsov, mid-21c vampire hunter on the streets of NYC, reads the words of her 19c counterpart in Finland, from an old journal.

NosferatuShadow3I do not know how long I stood rooted like one of the graveyard yews, but there came a moment when I realised that the vampire was looking directly at me. Two mocking, red eyes were fixed on mine. Then with something like a gasp or a sigh, the monster released its hold on the girl. She slumped to the ground, her skin paler then even the old monster’s; I did not need to examine her to recognise the pallor of death, and to know that I was too late.

The lower half of the monster’s face glistened red with its victim’s fresh blood. Its mouth gaped open, and I could see its terrible canines stained with the same redness. With an awful murmur of satisfaction it licked its lips, its eyes burning. I acted as best I could, I raised my crucifix and made to walk forward. In a blasphemous parody of the holy object, the monster stretched its two arms out to the side and, before I could do anything, dissolved slowly into a wisp of smoke.

All light disappeared from the crypt. I was in darkness. The only faint glimmer came from reflected moonlight at the top of the steps. As I groped my way up them and back into the ruined nave, tears streamed down my face, and I keened uncontrollably. I was ashamed – and I am ashamed still to admit it – that the fate of the victim was not uppermost in my mind, but the dreadful dashing of my pride, because I had failed doubly. Firstly I had failed to rescue the monster’s victim, and secondly I had failed to destroy the vampire.

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From My Cold, Undead Hand, excerpt,  © Marie Marshall – available direct from the publisher here.