So, what’s it like to be an editor, Marie?

by Marie Marshall

It’s interesting and demanding. The current task is the penultimate read-through of the first volume of The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. The final selection process is complete, all the selected sonnets have been included, the Preface and the Introduction have been written. Now the time has arrived for us – the editorial team – to go through the final draft with a fine-toothed comb to see if we can spot any typographical errors. As we are an international panel, we have been warned not to correct British/American/Canadian English, so Associate Editor A has to do us the favor of leaving ‘neighbour’ as it stands, and Associate Editor B has to do us the favour of leaving ‘neighbor’ as it stands! Once we have completed this task (which we have to do by the middle of November) we will await the Master Copy, and we will proof-read that. We hope that the next copy we have to read after that will be the printed copy!

Being an editor or part of an editorial team does bring kudos with it, but let no one imagine it’s a sinecure