Realms of Gold

by Marie Marshall

I’m remarkably out-of-touch about some projects. I was reminded yesterday about this do-it-yourself anthology, and it contains five of my old poems: ‘At Håkon’s Cove’ (2008), ‘Destiny’s Song’ (2008), ‘The Grey’ (2012), ‘We met Death one day, you and I’ (2011 – also published in The Tower Journal), and ‘A Scottish Autumn’ (2008 – part of a collection of poems I wrote to compliment the paintings of Scottish artist Tom Barron’. ‘At Håkon’s Cove’ and ‘Destiny’s Song’ show me flexing my ‘rhyme-and-metre’ muscles. The editor of the anthology is Ron Wiseman, an Australian poet and editor, and one-time seam bowler. I just had to get that cricket reference in, folks. Click on the cover picture for details of how to buy the book. It is full of poems by some wonderful poets, probably more of the formalist bent than many of my readers are used to, but a varied and interesting cooperative.