Lady Clare

by Marie Marshall


In 2006 I was experimenting with the sonnet and wrote many that deviated from iambic pentameter (yes, I know that I’m by no means the first poet to do that, and believe me when I say I won’t be the last!). One of these was inspired by J W Waterhouse’s sketch for ‘Lady Clare’, and featured lines of nine syllables in length, with an unstressed syllable at the end of each. Having had so many poems published that I have totally lost track, it was a great pleasure to receive the 10th Anniversary Issue of Rubies in the Darkness, the magazine of traditional, romantic, lyrical, and spiritually-inspired poetry, and find that my ‘Study for the Lady Clare’ is featured in it. The magazine may be obtained from Precious Pearl Press, 115 Green Lane, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 6HG. Subscriptions cost £10 per annum.