My obsession with Veronica

by Marie Marshall

veronica-francoMy obsession with Veronica Franco continues – I mean the 16c Venetian courtesan, not the 21c porn star, just in case anyone was in any doubt. Lately I have been adding to my canon of poetry dedicated to or written about her. These poems have been handed to the e-zine Poetry Life & Times for their use, along with the previously-published poems from that collection. In these poems, Veronica and I inhabit a shadowy world between life and death, in Venice and elsewhere, where the Renaissance has cell phones and tablets, Tintoretto flies in and out from Marco Polo Airport, and she and I meet for lunch dates irrespective of her being alive or dead. The first one has just appeared, and – guess what! – its setting is Marco Polo! Read it here.

Ha! I just realised I said Death in Venice up there! Mann oh Mann!