‘Abandon the Shadows’

by Marie Marshall

jpegAbandon the Shadows is a slim but poetry-packed anthology by ‘Poets Collective’, a cooperative of versifiers. I was invited by Toni Christman, one of the coordinators of the book, to contribute, and I replied with a specially-written sonnet called ‘Haply Slappy’. The anthology, as you might gather from its title, and from the title of my poem, is about optimism – there’s not a lot of that around these days, so that’s one good reason to buy the book! You can get it at Amazon, or you can get in touch with Poets Collective direct. Here’s what coordinator  Mary Boren has to say about it:

Amazon search results numbering in the millions attest to the fact that new poetry abounds in the world today, if not on the shelves of bricks-and-mortar bookstores, certainly in the countless internet venues where poets congregate and the varied creative outlets that facilitate self publishing.

Cheerful poetry with substance, however, is not as readily found. In this collection twenty-six contemporary poets lend their voices to a rousing sunny side chorus – not in sugar-coated greeting card fashion, but in authentic acknowledgement, contemplation, and ultimate acceptance of the challenging circumstances we all witness and experience in life. In styles ranging from traditional formal to minimalism, the tone of underlying resolution rings clearly. We hope you are pleased with the sound.

You’ll find my ‘Haply Slappy’ on page 67. It isn’t going to be published anywhere else, by the way, so if you want to read it, buy the book, and you get all these other poets for free! 😉