The Summer 2015 Showcase at ‘the zen space’ is now published.

by Marie Marshall

cs1Haiku, haiga, short bursts of poetry, startlingly immediate artwork – these are things I try to incorporate in the quarterly e-zine the zen space. How I come to be editing and publishing this e-zine is an old, old story, but it has something to do with a run-in I had with the editor of a similar enterprise. I, being an arrogant wee beggar, decided I could do better. Well, I don’t know if I’ve actually ‘done better’, but at least I’ve ‘done’.

The current Showcase is number 16, which means – hey! – it has been running now for four years. It contains words, full of colour, from various poets, and also the artwork of Claudia Schoenfeld, an artists whose eye-on-the-world I love.

I would like my readers here to patronise the zen space. It’s free-of-charge, and the latest Showcase can be found here. You might like to look through the previous Showcases too. It’s easy to keep up with what’s happening by following the (front page) blog.

There are plans and ideas bubbling under for the next couple of Showcases, so keep an eye open.