Poetry about morning, afternoon, evening, and just before midnight…

by Marie Marshall

1There’s an excellent poetry enterprise, over in the USA, called PoCo Publications. It’s the child of poets Mary Boren and Toni Christman, and one of the projects it supports is the Poets Collective, having now published two anthologies of work by contributing poets. Mary and Toni were gracious enough to invite me to contribute to their most recent anthology – Collect the Day – in which we deal, metaphorically and literally, with the subjects at the head of this item, four times of day. Thirty-one poets have their work featured in the book, and I have eight poems in there, including four extracts from my A dem●n’s diary series, all unpublished elsewhere, all therefore entirely new to you!

The collection is available via Amazon UK of course, and Amazon USA, but you might like to consider buying direct from the publisher.

So, what has my demn been up to, in the pages of Collect the Day? Well, morning finds him musing on the craft and artistry of demn-kind needed to produce petty annoyances. Afternoon finds one maverick demn from amongst the army of Pandemnium settling down for a picnic. Evening comes, and his is in his favourite Italian restaurant. Just before midnight and he’s eating again – fish and chips from paper – as he watches young women stagger home on their high heels. I think you want to know more. I think you want to read the book. I think you’ll enjoy it.