‘Mercury Silver’ and more interviews

by Marie Marshall

(c) P'Kaboo Publishers

(c) P’Kaboo Publishers

There is a new anthology of short stories just released – especially for those of you with Kindle, and just in time for Christmas too. It’s called Mercury Silver, and you can get it from US or UK Amazon, or as a pdf direct from P’kaboo Publishers. It includes two of my stories, ‘Dragonslayers – a fable’ and ‘Memoirs of a Chief Replicator Technician’, the latter being a tribute to the late Gene Roddenberry. Other authors featured include Douglas Pearce, Emma L Briant, Leslie Hyla Winton Noble, Lois S Bassen, Lucy P Naylor, Lyz Russo, and Nick Legg. Check it out (as they say)!

I have been having fun answering some penetrating questions in an email conversation with Samuel Snoek-Brown. You may recall I interviewed him a while ago? Well, he repaid the compliment and the resulting interview is here. Also there’s a slightly lighter interview by Diane Tibert here. Enjoy both.